Quick: why you mad at Natalie Maines?

Oh, that's right. Natalie Maines said something in March 2003 that's not half as bad as what a friend of yours posted this morning on Facebook. So much for being Christ-like and holding a grudge for 20 years, right?

I came across an online post from a U.K. website called Far Out Magazine which quoted Stevie Nicks telling Oprah:

“Natalie Maines is my favourite person to sing with, ever"

Let's think about this for a second. Nicks has sung with Tom Petty, The Foo Fighters, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Kenny Loggins, and on and on. It doesn't have to be the kind of music you like to see the respect this lady is given across all genres.

I hate to be the one to say this, but if you check out a little of the performance below, Maines kind of out-sings Nicks, too. Just think of all that talent, all the admiration, and all that love out in the world for a Lubbock musician who still isn't embraced by her hometown.

I had this discussion with musician/artist and Lubbock expatriate Andy Eppler. While talking to him I came to the realization that Lubbock is the kind of pressure cooker that creates great artists, which also makes it the kind of community that doesn't support great artists. Add one little onstage insult to that mix, and 20 years later we still get little to none of the benefits of having spawned one of the most popular artists to ever walk the earth. (Album sales back me up on this.)

When one of the most popular artists ever says that her favorite person to sing with is from Lubbock, it should be a much bigger deal than a mention in an overseas newspaper. Unfortunately, that's where we're at and I don't see that ever changing.

Let me also say why this SHOULD matter to you rockers. All of these artists share managers, promoters, booking agents and word of mouth. For example, in case you didn't know the same company that books Slipknot also represents Tom Hanks. The Chicks are represented by the same folks who represent The Foo Fighters, Beck and others. It's all intertwined. With Lubbock being one of the smaller markets in Texas, any bad word is not a good thing. So while you're hatin' on this lady, I'm looking for a street we should name after her.

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