It's not enough that people won't protect other people from their germs; they have to hoard the basics as well.

I've been reading sporadic reports about people hoarding toilet paper again. I have to admit it just seems absolutely, positively ridiculous that I have to pass this news on.

Apparently, this started when New Mexico shut down, and now either those folks are coming here, or your neighbors are starting to be jerks again. I guess it doesn't matter who is scooping everything up, but it's a great example of people's worst behavior.

Let's start with the fact that stores aren't closing, especially not grocery stores and drug stores. No matter what happens in Lubbock, those stores will still be there and they will be filling their shelves as quickly as they can. Secondly, it is highly unlikely we'll have any kind of shutdown in Lubbock at all. Finally, do some damn math. If you go through two rolls of toilet paper a week, the most you need is eight a month, or even 24 rolls for the next three months.

When you overbuy like this, you are overstressing the supply chain. There's toilet paper out there, but the stores can only keep so much in the backroom at one time, so they have to have another truck rush more to the site, which means that truck won't be used to bring other stuff -- and so on and so on.

Be a good human and don't horde. It makes it tough on everybody. Do the math, get what you need, and move on.

Meanwhile, I hope the stores realize that this is happening all over again and will start enforcing strict limits on purchases. It's not a foolproof thing, but it helps.

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