The Buddy Holly Hall keeps lining up the shows.

Styx will make a stop at the Buddy Holly Hall on October 17th, 2021.

54 million records sold. That's an insane amount of music. Count me in on the "Grand Illusion," "Pieces of Eight" and "Paradise Theater" era of the band. Truth be told, I was also a fan of "Equinox" and "Crystal Ball." ("Cornerstone" also happened during this time, but it was kind of half-baked, then the band bounced back bigger than ever.)

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Styx did such a good job of interlacing keyboards and actual piano with incredible melodies and really crushing guitar and bass parts back in the day. I know it may seem weird to you now, but the opening chords of "Grand Illusion" were an absolute sledgehammer when the track was released in 1976. Simply put, I wore that album out.

The band is led these days by longtime members Tommy Shaw and James Young.  Shaw actually joined a couple of years after the band started, but was integral during all of their glory years. Sometimes lead vocalist Dennis DeYoung was replaced by Lawrence Gowan in 1999 (and he also doubles on keys). It's also to note that bassist Ricky Philips came to the band from The Babys and Bad English.

Tickets to the show will be available at the Buddy Holly Hall's website beginning Friday, August 20th, at 10 a.m. However, if you download our app and turn on push notifications, you'll not only get a presale code this week, but a chance to win tickets to the show.

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Read the full press release from the Buddy Holly Hall below.

The Styx 2021 World Tour will be making a stop at The Buddy Holly Hall on October 17, 2021, at 7 p.m.  Styx draws from over four decades of chart hits, joyous singalongs, and hard-driving deep cuts.

The six men comprising Styx have committed to rocking the Paradise together with audiences far and wide by entering their second decade of averaging over 100 shows a year, and each one of them is committed to making the next show better than the last.

From the progressively sweeping splendor that is “The Grand Illusion” to the fortitude of all that is the “Blue Collar Man,” from the majestic spiritual love for a special “Lady” and the pageantry of “Miss America,” from an individual yearning for true connection as a “Man in the Wilderness” to a soul-deep quest to achieve what’s at the heart of one’s personal vision in “Crystal Ball,” from the regal reach-for-the-stars bravado of “Come Sail Away” to the grainy all-in gallop of that rugged “Renegade” who had it made, the band draws on an unlimited cache of ways to immerse one’s mind and body in their signature sound.

After more than a decade together on the road, this incarnation of Styx is looking forward to performing. “It all comes back to the chemistry,” says bassist/vocalist Ricky Phillips. “The legacy of this band will be that it brought joy to millions of people,” notes drummer Todd Sucherman.

Keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan said, “We’ve always tried to explain why this is this happening. It’s obviously a multitude of factors, but the main one is that our show is really good! And if it’s really good, they’re going to come to see it again.”

Styx hopes it’s a wave that never crests. “Every night, we go on that magic carpet ride together,” observes original bassist Chuck Panozzo, who joins the band on tour as often as he can. “Music is this amazing force that comes from a higher place. I'm humbled for this band to have the great success that it has,” says co-founding guitarist/vocalist James “JY” Young.

“We just want to keep on doing this,” asserts Tommy. “We want to let life take its course and let this music continue to be the soundtrack to it. And this band will continue to evolve as long as we live and play this music.” The jig is up, the news is out: The Esprit de Styx is alive and well, and now it’s time to see for yourself. Welcome to the Grand Evolution.

Tickets for STYX go on sale to the public on Friday, August 20, at 10 a.m. (CT) and range in price from $45.00 to $145 plus taxes and fees. Tickets are available at, by calling ETIX at (800) 514-3849, and at The Buddy Holly Hall Box Office located at 1300 Mac Davis Lane, Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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