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I was wondering how the Chiefs/49ers game did in the ratings, and the news was good.

Like a lot of Lubbockites, I was stoked to see Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV.

I was wondering how the show performed from a ratings standpoint because the Chiefs didn't have the benefit of a huge coastal viewership, and loyalties are split between several teams on the west coast. Let's also not forget that there are still more than a few chumps out there who still have a hate boner against the NFL, and even though they watched the game, they probably didn't report it to the ratings services and/or left it off out of spite.

There's many ways to split the ratings atom, but among "average viewers" and "average households," the ratings were up (over one million in the latter category).

Not only were the ratings up, but the cost per Super Bowl commercial was up, too. If you want to dig further, the Spanish-language broadcast was nearly double the viewers of last year. All in all, Variety also reports that the ratings were up close to 2 percent this year.

All of this is good news for the NFL, and good news for Mahomes and the Chiefs. Let's hope they can carry this excitement over to another year.


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