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I guess this may be old news to some, but it's now a reality. Dang.

Taco Bell decided a while back to discontinue the "Mexican Pizza" from its menu, saying it doesn't fit their "vision of the future." The problem seems to be the way they had to serve it, calling it "packaging heavy."

Uh, Taco Bell, there was a middle solution to this problem. I liked the Mexica Pizza -- not because it was flat and fun to eat, but because it featured a fried flour tortilla. I looked all over their menu and I can't find anything else that features a fried flour tortilla.

You see the operative word in "White Chocolate" is the word "White," and my mother made us tacos out of fried flour tortillas. And yes, I still like them that way every once in a while. I do like corn, crispy corn, and flour, but every once in a while I like it good and greasy.

So what was my other Taco Bell favorite? Well, that would be the Enchirito, which has also been discontinued. This basically leaves me with the classic bean with onion burrito as a favorite. Okay, actually it leaves me with Taco Villa being my favorite (classic meat and bean combo with extra cheese).

Still, it's sad to see these items disappear from the menu. When I was a teen, there was a string of Taco Bells near the beaches so we'd eat like savages next to the open fires they had out front. (Yes, that was a thing. A Taco Bell on 34th Street here in Lubbock had one).

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