For the first time in my life, I sent in a complaint on a fast food joint.


I stopped off for a little chicken. Since I got tenders instead of the regular, I was more than happy to pull off to the side while they got my order ready. I've found that they usually don't have them fresh cooked and have to "drop" a batch when ordered.  After ten minutes I got my order. I tried to sneak a few fries on the way home but they were lukewarm and soggy, then when I got home I found that the chicken was about the same and had been under a heat lamp for most of the day. Trust me, we all know that rubbery, yet still somehow dried out, been there a long time taste and texture.

What I don't understand is why a fast food worker would do this to someone. Maybe they cooked too much in anticipation of a rush that didn't happen earlier, or what I don't know. Maybe they felt like they had to use the product or they'd get in trouble for throwing too much out?  I suppose it's anybody's guess as to why I got a bag of half day old food.

You wouldn't want anyone to serve you old food, so why would you do it to anyone else? is it carelessness or concern about inventory or what? Personally, if my choice was to get in trouble with my boss or with a customer, I'd choose my boss. If the boss is making you deliver half-ass service, he won't be the boss for long.  I have done all kinds of things to piss off some of my bosses off to benefit my listeners and they're all gone, and I'm still here.

When you do a great job, it will eventually get noticed and in ways you may not anticipate. It's not just about making your boss in the chicken place happy, but you never know who you might run into that might want you to step up for them. At the worst, you're developing great skills and an eye for detail that will help you up the next rung of your career ladder.

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