What crazy times we're having in college football right now.

All of a sudden, apparently Texas football is back. Out of seemingly nowhere now Colorado is a thing. In our own backyard are the confusing performances of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The people who shout "Raider Power" are a little confused as to whether they have a team in 2023 after losing to a team we thought we'd wallop, then losing but not really getting walloped by another team (at least for three quarters).

All of this is very pertinent to where we're going here. One way the Red Raider faithful hang on is by thinking about what we were and what could have been. There were, of course, the Mike Leach years that ended suddenly, weirdly, and without complete resolution. Then there was the time that NFL all-star and Superbowl Champion Parick Mahones played at Texas Tech.  No one can really blame him, but you have to ask what Texas Tech would be if Mahomes had not forsaken that final year of eligibility at Texas Tech and quite possibly thrust us further into the spotlight.

We have hung onto the memory of Mahomes very closely. Among the Texas Tech and Dallas Cowboys merchandise, there is now, almost always, representation for Kansas City Chiefs fans. I'm serious about this, it's not just t-shirt-level fandom either, it's deep (I actually saw bolts of Chief's fabric in the sewing store).

Well, if you're still a Mahomes or Chiefs fan, despite their shaky start this year, then I spotted something to take your idol worship to the next level. There are certainly other action figures of Mahomes, but no one does this stuff up right like McFarlane Toys (I have over 50 of them myself). McFarlane dropped the news this past Sunday, that this cool Mahomes figure is coming:

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