A couple of vandals in Lubbock are probably still cleaning out their pants this morning.

It's crazy to me that people would even step onto our property at Nightmare On 19th Street near the Lone Star Events Center anymore. We're always out there. In fact, it's funny to me when people ask, "how long have you been working on this?" The answer is constantly. We also have people who live on the property, security cameras, and more.

Saturday afternoon around 3:30, I was working on the midway when I heard a shuffling not 15 feet away from where I was at. I looked up and saw at least two people, one definitely male, run back into the haunted house. Guess what? I know the layout of the haunted house better than people just dropping by to mess things up.

Of course I'm one for drama, so I grabbed my overly large framing hammer and cut the guys off while yelling, "I'M THE BIG BAD WOLF, MOTHERF***ERS, AND I'M COMING TO GET YOU!"

They ran in the other direction, at which point I cut them off again while yelling, "IF I CATCH YOU I'M GOING TO F*** YOUR S*** UP!" I could hear them run a third time, at which point I started calling my friends on the phone to come help cut them off.

Fortunately, the vandals got away before I caught up with them. Would I have actually beaten them with the hammer? Well, let's just say what would you do if you found two trespassers in your house? I'm betting you're like me and your one of those people who's just had enough. I'm not so sure I would have done the smart thing at the time and instead done what I had to take the threat down. With all that adrenaline, it didn't even register that they were probably just teens.

It wasn't until later that we discovered that they had done a bunch of stupid teenager crap like knocking over props, firing off fire extinguishers, and nonsense like that. I just hope these kids realize how close they came to injury or arrest all for the joy of knocking over a clown prop.

P.S. If you have or know of a teen who wears a red tracksuit top with white stripes down the sleeves (Adidas?) who was by the frisbee golf course at Mae Simmons on Saturday, please let them know how close they came to a life-changing event.

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