Current law says that guns can't be carried into places of worship.

It looks like folks who post the pics of a bible with a gun will soon be able to have both. It kind of makes sense. If guns are allowed in other public places, why not a church? Unfortunately, churches have been targeted by shooters and a little cold, hard steel might be the best way to stop a madman. The Texas House has passed a bill which will open up open carry to churches. Churches who want to opt out of having firearms on their premises will have to provide oral or written notice.

Texas has not gone to hell with open carry or relaxation of blade or the forthcoming knuckleduster laws. Despite what folks outside of Texas think, it's really hasn't changed daily life here much at all.

If you go to a place, or soon a church, where people are armed and it makes you uncomfortable, go somewhere else. For me, it all depends on how qualified I feel like those packing heat are.  Hopefully, everyone in your church who is packing is well trained.

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