I'm going to tell you right now that I don't think getting worked up about this one is worth it. It is, however, a great lesson in political medicine show theatrics and buffoonery. 

Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law that makes violent offenders come up with cash bail in order to make it harder for them to make bail.

Let’s go full stop here. Aren’t people innocent until proven guilty in America? Isn’t Texas part of America, or have we stopped being a part of that club, too? 

Now let’s look at this a more sensible way. If you wanted to make it harder for people to get out on bail, then why don’t you just raise the amount of bail? Why add another level of horses***tery to the process? Are we going to turn bail into a complex math problem that lawyers, judges and the accused have to learn?

So let’s get to the ridiculousness of this dead-square in the eyes. Who do you think is more likely to have cash at hand: criminals or regular folks?

So what we have here is another example of a law that was put together so someone can claim they are "tough on crime," but serves no actual purpose. Are you tired of this yet? Aren’t you a little embarrassed by this nonsense?

I really like to stay focused on the issue at hand, but I’d like to look at the larger picture here. This year we’ve had any number of nonsense legislation like this presented to us, but how much have you heard about preparation for hurricanes? How much real effort has been put into the Texas power grid? One more big question for you: how many people do you know that have died during the COVID-19 pandemic?

This is not a red or blue fight. This is not Democrats vs. Republicans. This is a group that has set in Austin too long and is too desperate to stay there. They've lost touch with reality and are playing their own constituents like a fiddle.

This is a garbage law meant to score political points and those who put it into place need to be called out for it.

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