I guess this isn't a surprise.

A survey published by the website www.smartasset.com lists Texas in a three-way tie for fourth place as the worst driving state in America.  Texas is lumped in with Florida and Nevada, doing slightly better than number one Mississippi, number two Alabama and number three California.

So what makes the state's drivers so poor? Well, I have my own theories, but this survey used four metrics including DUI's, lack of insurance, fatalities per 100K residents and how much the state Googled terms like "traffic ticket" or "speeding tickets".

A quick look at the results shows that Texas didn't really spike that much in any one category, but did poorly in all of the categories.

So, now consider this, Texas drivers are some of the worst in the U.S, what does that say about Lubbock drivers who seem worse than the average citizen?

Be careful out there. I'm sure you're a good driver, but the people all around you are IDIOTS!

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