Hey, you know that "Big Tex" statue at the State Fair? Turns out, he should probably be not so tall, and quite a bit wider.

Beer and pizza

A new study by Wallethub has Texas listed as the 11th fattest state in the U.S., a fact that I am actually surprised by.

Sure, we love everything chicken-fried, but I figured there would be more of those cheese-eating states to knock us down on the list. It turns out, I'm doubly wrong. The fact is that MOST of the top 10 is populated by southern states, with number one going to Mississippi (that barbecue IS pretty great).

So, what about our neighbors? Well, there's a lot of fat Okies; they come in at no. 8. Our friends in New Mexico come in at a somewhat respectable no. 20.

The survey has all kinds of science and sub-categories. It seems that Texas does not really top any of these other areas; we just do poorly enough across the board to come in as the 11th fattest.

The map included makes it obvious we should change the name of the "Bible Belt" to "The States That Have To Loosen Their Belts."

Now, you -- go eat a salad.

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