Texans, we're talking about a matter of state pride here.

I'm talking about the world record for barbequing.  How can we let anyone hold this title other than the Lone Star State? The record is held by a team from Memphis, Tennessee and before that, a group of Italians had the title. Just what in Sam Houston is going on here?

The record is easy to understand. It is currently set at 48 hours with a two-person team. In addition, you get a five-minute break every hour and if you don't use the breaks you can stack them up into a bigger break.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't some of you do this EVERY weekend during Tech home games? Haven't some of you done this while drinking beer at the same time?  How is it even possible that two frat guys haven't done this? This is ridiculous to think this title is held by someone else.

The two-person team who did the barbequing even donated most of the food so a little more good was done.

I've investigated Guinness World Records and let me say, it's not cheap to set and have a world record verified, but I would think we could find some good ol' Texas barbeque vendors, grill makers, or even meat producers to bring this title back to Texas. I'm betting we could take things up a couple of notches and have cheerleaders to keep you goin' and bands to rock you to help you stay awake.

I'm serious about this. We need two men (or women, or persons) of steel who can knock this out!


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