Texas has a big problem and is probably trying to solve it the wrong way.

There are 1,254 miles of Texas border. With that much border, it's no wonder that we get swamped with illegal immigrants. We apparently don't get much help from the federal government in dealing with the situation either. I'm not going to dispute that things are messed up.

What I think we need to watch out for is the current publicity stunt of sending immigrants to other states. Now hold on, even if you like that policy, I have something for you to consider and that's, "What if these states start sending something back?"

What if these states that we p#ss off start bussing their ex-cons here? Are we prepared to deal with a load of gang members? What if we got a bunch of those Jersey Shore people? Could New York send us a bus full of rats?  There are any amount of (presumed) undesirables that could be sent right back to Texas.

What we are doing is taking our problem and making it someone else's problem, because they disagree with us. I personally have a problem with too much dog poop in my backyard, but it's not acceptable for me to throw it over my neighbor's fence (No, I'm not equating people with poo, but a problem with a problem). It seems that maybe sometime in the future when we might need these states' help, they're going to say, "Hey, 'member that time you....".

Even worse, we aren't sending enough people to help our situation either. We are sending just enough people to make an idiotic political point while trying to "own" the people who disagree with us. We are basically playing ding-dong-ditch with other states, but leaving people on the doorstep while we run away.

I really don't have any answers here, but behaving in this childish way and throwing a tantrum seems like something that is guaranteed to backfire at some point.


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