This item was found in a major department store. You can file this under the 'you had one job department.'

If you looked at the about souvenir you may have noticed that one cities name is misspelled. Are you on top of this yet? If you haven't figured it out, it's Abilene, not Abiline.

Isn't it crazy that something like this can be mass-produced and not be spell-checked?(My spell-checker just told me that 'spell-check' needed an apostrophe in the middle.)

So what's that "major department store"? This was actually found at a Walmart in Amarillo by a loyal listener. The piece will run you $14.97, and I don't know if that's marked down due to the error or not.

I have tons of friends in Abilene, including the legendary Frank Pain and his legendary station Rock 108 (you can hear me on there Sundays 3-6 p.m.). Then there's Sanchez, who did the most awesome thing I've ever seen backstage at a concert (outside of girls lifting their shirts up).

I want to say that there's no way this was done out of disrespect. I guess I have to qualify that as saying there's no way it was done to intentionally disrespect Abilene, but it's still pretty dang disrespectful.

Abilene has Dyess Air Force Base and they actually have a zoo. They have excellent Mexican food and Hardin-Simmons University. Oh, and they also have Abilene Christian University, who we owe a debt of thanks to for knocking the Texas Longhorns out of the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

So boo on whoever made this, and boo on Walmart for not kicking it back to the storeroom.

(Thanks to Rusty Hatchett for sharing.)

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