Ghost encounters come in many forms.

There are many people who claim to have seen a ghost. There are also those who have experienced cold spots or who have heard unexplained sounds or voices. Also on the spectrum are "phantom smells" where people have claimed to have smelled things with no logical explanation.

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas is a place where many people have claimed to have experienced phantom smells. Backtracking a bit, the waters in Mineral Wells were said to have healing powers. This led to many people who were sick making a last-ditch chance at a cure, only to pass away in the town. With the Baker Hotel opening in 1929, it was home to many of these guests.

One report claims that visitors have claimed they smelled cigar smoke and a heavy perfume smell. Even weirder some have spoken about the smell of laundry detergent...even though the laundry hadn't been used in 75 years.

So what about ghost sightings? Reports of those seem to be far and few between even though another report claims that the ghosts of 50 spirits are in the building. You may be able to see for yourself because the building is being renovated for guests with a prospective opening in 2025. I certainly hope the renovation goes well, because ghosts or not, it looks like a magnificent building.

If you are truly interested in the ghosts of the Baker Hotel, they will be holding "ghost walks" the weekend before Halloween. You can find details on joining them here.

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