There is something about a lonely stretch of highway that can just give you chills.

There is a place in the Texas Hill Country that is chock full of ghostly and weird encounters. Let's start with a place that actually celebrates the supernatural, "The Devil's Backbone Tavern" in Fischer, Texas. The bar itself is said to be built on a Native American campground. While not the "ancient Indian burial place" that you hear too much about, it's still a pretty good start on a spooky adventure. Supposedly the tavern is also spittin' distance from the site of a major Civil War battle. Why not quite outright claiming that the tavern is haunted, They do have a picture of a chicken hanging out in a men's urinal and that would certainly bother me a bit.

So how about those spooky stories? There are quite a few, and they are incredibly varied. One source claims that a whole battalion of ghost Confederate soldiers, while another popular story tells of a ghostly woman and child calling out for her husband.

Trip Advisor describes the location of the Devil's back town as being from old town Wimberley around Canyon Lake to Blanco, and the drive is described as very "scenic".  I guess while we're talking about driving the area I should also mention that another ghostly tale involves spirits (or something) jumping onto cars. Lovely.

So what do you think? That's a heck of a lot of encounters in one, somewhat small place. If a trip to this area sounds good to you, here's a place that charts a nice 51-mile path through the area. Oh, let's hope it's not a "One-way trip".

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