Good on you Lubbock for supporting Texas Tech Football.

Man, I love football season!

I don't care much for the actual game of football anymore. Anytime my shoulder hurts or my knees crack, I even curse it a little. That does not stop the pure joy in my heart when I see our community together. It also never stopped me from cooking burgers or holding field goal-kicking contests in Raider Alley either! I tell you this not to make the story "all about me" but to show just how much magic football season puts into the air around here.

Texas Tech has announced that the home opener against the Oregon Ducks is a sell-out! The only way you're getting in at this point is with one of the few season ticket packages that are left.  Jammin' The Jones (I just made that up)  is exactly the kind of vibe that I enjoy so much. There's no denying that the City Of Lubbock just lights up on game day. You can feel the excitement and smell the barbeque smoke from the tailgaters all across the Hub.

I hope everyone will continue with this level of support throughout the season, win or lose (but we're hoping for not much of the latter). This sell-out will also lead to more sell-outs so if you hope to catch the Red Raiders in action this year, you might want to pick up some of those single-game seats. Wreck 'em Tech!

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