I'm going to start by saying there are some bosses out there that are mean jerks. Okay, now that we've established that, let's move on.

I do not understand how an employee can take a job and then try to exempt themselves from some part of it. I'm pretty sure most employees are given a list of expectations going in, and if they can't live with them, they should not take the job. If those expectations change, they should just quit and move on.

My job is at least 50% different than when I started. I never dreamed that half my day would be spent writing and maintaining social media. It's okay, that's the way my industry went and I'm ridin' with 'em.

How about this though? What if during my employment I became religious and refused to play Ghost or Black Sabbath records? Would my company be "infringing on my religious rights" to make me do so?

Right now the Supreme Court is looking at a case where an employee doesn't want to work Sundays. The man took a job with the postal service because he didn't want to work Sundays, but the postal service expanded its service and began delivering packages for Amazon on the weekend. There you go; expectations change and you either grow or go.

I know we all want to hate on "the man/employers", but the person cutting the checks should have the ability to tell you what they expect you to do and when to do it. To allow an employee's particular beliefs to affect a business's bottom line is ridiculous.

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