I wish there was a way to recall politicians immediately. Just a lever and trap door in the floor to send them on their way.

Senator Maureen Walsh of Washington, while trying to legislate mandatory breaks away, said, that nurses "probably do get breaks" because "they probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day". Walsh was specifically targeting small town nurses, but this still may be one of the most ignorant, asine statements to ever come out of a human beings mouth.

I have a lot of friends that are nurses. Almost all work incredibly long days and are on their feet for almost all of that time. Some come home crying because they couldn't save a baby or because they watched your relative breathe their last break. Some know more than the doctors seeing you but they have to keep their mouths shut or lose their jobs. Some have to clean your grandmas business when she messes the bed. Nurses are the people you wrongly yell at because the doctor didn't give you the answer you wanted and they're the ones closest to you.

Nurses skip meals and personal bathroom breaks so they get their patients what they need. Nurses have to deal with some of you treating them like waitresses instead of health care professionals. Most are on schedules that take them to work, then bed, then back to work for days on end and when they do finally get a day or two off, many have to take courses for certifications. Then there's the staff meetings and other business that they have to deal with on their day off.

I could go on and on. Most nurses walk around in a state of near shell-shock because every day is a battle. If you get a nurse that seems a little grumpy or distracted, read that paragraph above all over again. Thank a nurse today and if you or your loved ones have a hospital visit, treat them with respect and understand that nurses carry near the entire weight of a hospital on their shoulders.

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