I guess I get to do this thing.

As the elder statesman (the old guy), I guess it's on me to address you for Thanksgiving. While I'm not 100 percent comfortable being the guy that has to speak for everyone, I certainly hope everyone realizes how much they are appreciated.

FMX is having unparalleled success right now. Those of us here know that it's because a legacy was built up over the years and that many people helped put the station together brick by brick. All of the names you remember from days gone by helped fuel this rocket that we're riding right now.

Most importantly is you. We appreciate you turning up the radio, laughing along with The RockShow and spending your workdays with Renee Raven. We love it when you call in or get involved in contests, and we love to see you in person.

Since we've started, the world of digital has exploded and FMX has become a huge brand in that world, too. It's tough explaining to some folks the radio and online worlds are two different things under one banner. You have to think of it this way: the company Mars, Incorporated makes Snickers bars and Whiskas Cat Food. So we're separate, but many things overlap.

We could not have had 40 successful years without you. Most of the radio stations I grew up with are dead. Not many towns even have rock stations. In Lubbock, due to you and our respect for you, we remain the number one station in the Hub.

Thanks go out to you, our advertisers, and even our haters (because they inspire us to be better). We hope each and every one of you have a fantastic holiday weekend.

(BTW: It's "Second Helpings" on-air this weekend, with double shots from your favorite bands.)

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