What if I told you that we were helped through our recent crisis by a big-time Hollywood celebrity?

That's right, George Clooney, a man that everyone loves stepped up to the plate and helped some Texans affected by our weather storms. Clooney got us started by getting his fans to pitch in a bunch of cash to help buy food and supplies for a lot of people. Not only that, he hit the front lines, actually packing food boxes and inspiring other workers (some probably even volunteered just so he could be around them).

It was really an expected move for such a big star to throw away all concerns about himself and his safety during a pandemic just to help our friends and family in Texas. I tell ya what, I wasn't the biggest fan of Mr. Clooney, but I feel like he's shown his true heart, and even if it was his intention to sell more and more tickets to his movies, that does not matter, when we needed help, he was there for us.

Now, before you go Googling "George Clooney" and "Texas" to see how close to you he got, I wasn't talking about George Clooney. I was talking about Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

To date, she's raised over $5 million for Texas, got down and dirty on the frontlines and helped organize a massive relief effort while everyone else just kind of stood around.

The problem is, people have such partisan hate for this lady (and most don't even know why) that they can't recognize a genuine charitable effort. Well, I have news for you: even if this woman is Satan in a lady suit, and I'm talking actual Satan, she still did something nice for Texans. Even if she did it because she is a sinister villain who was thinking 'this will get me votes for president 20 years from now,' it still was an awfully nice thing to do.

Thank you, AOC, and thank you to New York for caring about us Texans.

P.S. One more item: before you write one single ugly thing about this post or this lady on Facebook, I want you to write what you did to help. 

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