We were very surprised to find out that Buddy Holly's widow had no platinum albums to remember him by.

KFMX music director Bill Bateman was appalled when he found out that Maria Elena had no Buddy Holly plaques in her possession. We were told that none were ever issued by MCA records, at least not for Buddy's Greatest Hits. Bill arranged to have one made for Maria Elena. We then made arrangements for it to be presented during the halftime of a Texas Tech Football game. We were surprised when the network stayed with the presentation instead of cutting away as usual.

Later on we were also able to score Buddy Holly Platinum for the original Crickets, who also had never received rewards.  I have to admit, I didn't realize the enormity of what we had done for the band and their families at the time.

I was just about to donate the only picture I know of, of this event, to the music archivist at Texas Tech when it occurred to me that I should show it off one more time.

(The late Bill Bateman is pictured at the far left with his hands on his hips. Good job dude.)



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