I really don't think many people remember how bad concerts were around here.

I'm not talking "bad" as in bad performances, but bad as in bad behavior.

There was recently a rash of problems with people throwing cell phones and jewelry at performers with some actually being injured. Heck, even if the stuff doesn't hit them it's a distraction during the show. Dumb and drunk people do this kind of stuff now for a shot at social media fame, but here in Lubbock people did it just because they had no class.

Okay, maybe that last sentence was a bit harsh, but it was kind of true. It took many, many years before people in Lubbock learned concert etiquette. When FMX helped usher in a flood of concerts in the eighties and nineties we had many people coming to the party who didn't understand that it was different from the typical barn dance/harvest festival shows they usually go to. The thing that drove me crazy was people throwing beers. I guess they'd get drunk and they just wanted to be a part of the show or "touch" the performer in some way. The result of throwing beer is that everyone between them and the stage would get showered, and often the performer too.

The worst incident we had was in 1991 when Warrant came to town. Grunge hadn't kicked in yet and the band was HUGE. They were in fact huge enough they didn't have to take any b.s. (In case you didn't know, a band only has to play something like three songs in order for it to qualify as a "performance" and they can walk right off the stage, get their money, and split).

During the show, one of the band members supposedly got hit with something. Whether they needed medical or stitches I'm not sure, but they were more than mad enough to cancel the show in front of a full house.  Let this serve as a reminder that throwing things at the stage is a total jerk move and it should not happen ever.

Here's actual footage of the promoter informing the crowd of the situation (and boy is it uncomfortable):

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