The thing with hacks is that half the people think "no, duh" and the other half think, "why didn't I think of that?"


The thing with us rockers is, we have a lot of black t-shirts. Okay, tons of black t-shirts. The problem is telling them apart after a while. You see, if I reach into my closet and grab a blue t-shirt, I know it's my Ronnie Eaton t-shirt. If I grab a black shirt it could be anything from Nightmare Haunted House, to Slipknot to Captain Spaulding. As much as those sound the same to you, I like to make a conscious choice when grabbing a shirt.

So for most of my adult life, I did what most of you do, I just hung up my shirts with no rhyme or reason (folding hides way too much of the shirt for proper selection). Last night, for the first time in my adult life I hung them with all of the logos on the same side. Do you get it? no more looking at both sides of a shirt to decide if it's "the one". If they're all facing the same direction, you save up to 50% of the time going through your shirts. Yippie for me! I'm a grownup!

Now, didn't I tell you? Half of you think "no, duh!" and half are going "why didn't I think of that?"

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