Maybe you've heard that this is all a plan to start a CASHLESS America!

Sometimes it's a little bothersome when people say "who cares?" to a topic. This is one occasion where I hope you are saying "who cares?"

If you haven't heard, a cashless society is a key to fulfilling Revelation 13, because you'll have to have a "mark" to buy or sell anything and somehow the devil, blah blah. Okay, start protesting lobsters and I'll listen to the rest of this nonsense.

For the sake of safety during this virus, a lot of businesses have switched over to plastic, for no other reason than it requires their employees to handle one thing instead of multiple things.

Then there's the other reason that none of these soft-headed ninnyhammers take into account. If person A gives the checker a bill with cooties on it, that bill could be handed to person B. Let's also keep in mind that that particular bill could also get cooties on the bill above and below it. Then the checker grabs that bill, then a clean bill from another place and then it's infected and so on.

With plastic, potential transfer points are severely reduced and the business is less likely to suffer an outbreak of the C-19.  As a result of this practice, there is also less cash and change in active circulation.

Guys, it's all Occams Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.  We're going cashless right now because it's safer for everybody. Done.

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