I was trolling around the channels and I saw a listing for something called "Killing Bigfoot", which is about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

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How about this, we find the rarest, most hard to find, legendary animal, and we KILL IT?  Why would kill a legendary unique creature like Bigfoot? Hold on, you don't have to answer because there is zero proof that Bigfoot is real. Seriously, why lost sleep over murdering an ape-man when nobody has even proven one has ever existed?

Am I the only one that thinks about these things? When are we going to get tired of watching kooks hunt imaginary creatures? It's some really dumb t.v.

These days everyone has a camera, heck the woods are full of those deer cams, and still no photos of Bigfoot. There have been no Bigfoot bones and no bare-knuckle boxing brawls between Bigfoot and Spiderman. There are only people who think they "saw something" and it's turned into a whole industry. It's time to just hold up our hands and say, "bye Felica, call me when you've found something".

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