I am so excited about this. We know you guys like more than just live rock shows and these are some great hookups.

There's no place better to see horror and sci-fi than the drive-in. For the longest time that was the bread and butter of drive-ins. Now, we've teamed with Stars and Stripes Drive-In's to bring you the best in new horror and sci-fi, all the way through Halloween season.

Dates are subject to change, but we'll be passing along tickets to these shows.

9/8-It (yeah, Pennywise!)


10/6-Bladerunner 2049


We'll have giveaways on air and online so you'll have multiple ways to win. So check out the trailers below, get ready for a Chihuahua and lock and load, the FMX Freaky Fall Film Festival is coming!


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