It's important that you show your faces for your favorite causes. You can step up for marijuana this Sunday by stepping out.

Devy Masselink

This is the second year that Lubbock has participated in the Global Marijuana March.

I'm going to confess that I am 100 percent pro-legalization. I have not seen or heard one good reason why pot should not be legal right alongside beer and alcohol.

Here's the route according to the event invite:

We will start at the NE corner of 18th & Ave Q, near the Whataburger and across from the LISD system office (behind Gristy's Cleaners). The March will start at 4:00pm, and will march down Ave Q to Broadway, before turning right (east) onto Broadway, ending at the Lubbock County Courthouse

It's been kind of crazy politically out there and I encourage folks like me to pick a couple causes and stick with them. For me, the ruse that there is something wrong with pot has gone on long enough. It has been shown to help some people medically and it's been shown to help some people just relax. Even if you don't believe in those two things, you probably believe in freedom and people should have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies without fear of being arrested and losing all of their possessions.

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