I was going to blow this off, but my wife said I have to get the word out.

I decided to treat myself to some new chonies. Yay for me! It was time to fix up the old collection a bit, so I pulled up some appropriate drawers on Amazon and ordered up the Fruit of the Loom six-pack. Yes, I like old guy briefs because I like keeping everything in place. We can't have random snake attacks.

So Tuesday was the big day and I got one of those Amazon mailer packages. I opened it up and noticed that my six-pack of Fruit of the Loom underwear was open with the contents slightly spilling out. I looked through the drawers, and all of them were in their tightly wound rolls with fabric tape keeping them as neat as I expect the underwear to keep my nuts. Then I noticed the problem: THERE WERE ONLY FIVE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR!

'What a ripoff,' you might say -- and you'd be right. Since the pack of underwear was just $14.92, the loss was only $2.48 (666), so I was just going to blow it off. My wife convinced me that even if I was not going to return them I needed to say something. It was her concern that someone at the Amazon warehouse is running a big underwear scam and stealing one pair from everybody. Being a bit salty that they stole the sporty red pair, I went to Amazon and put up a one-star review. (It's still being reviewed, because they review the reviews.)

So how about you? Have you received any packages that are a little suspect, or do you think this is just an underwear accident (as opposed to an accident in the underwear)?

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