It would have been a great show if more people would have been interested in it.

The Last In Line show has been canceled, and a lack of advance tickets sales was cited as the reason. This sucks for Lubbock metalheads, but you have to get your tickets in advance if you want these shows to happen.

This is a cycle that's hard to break. Shows are canceled due to a lack of ticket sales and people don't buy tickets because shows cancel. All of this leads to fewer entertainment options and Lubbock getting a bad rap.

One could also look at this kind of a thing as a "thinning of the herd," too. Certain types of shows have sold well in town, while others haven't. (Other than United Supermarkets Arena shows, it's near impossible to sell tickets to a classic rock-type band here, and it always has been.)

Then again, maybe people just didn't get into this band.

Our apologies to our listeners who won tickets to this event. The giveaways are something we do to try to get people excited about shows, so we'll keep doing it. But sometimes it just doesn't work out.


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