There's a lot to process and navigate right now, so let's talk about "the least you can do".

Let's start with the pandemic.

The least you can do is wear a mask. At this point you know it's not about you, it's about not infecting other people. Even better, you are setting an example to others that it's a responsible thing to do and you could inspire someone who is infected to wear a mask and not infect others.

The least you can do to minimize infections and keep the economy going is to plan your shopping visits ahead of time. If you can make one trip to the store instead of two, theoretically you've cut your risk of exposure in half. You can also order curbside or delivery from your favorite local merchants.

Now let's move onto the current discourse on race.

The least you can do is try to listen and not hijack the conversation for your own purposes. You can listen and try to do better. You can understand that it's not what you view as racist, but what the affected persons view as racist.

The least you can do is accept some of the changes. Don't worry about statues that you never really cared about in the first place. Don't worry about brands changing outdated mascots with sketchy beginnings. Don't upset people over dumb flags and don't hang onto things that actually bring you no benefit, but are seen as a drag on other races.

All of this is the least you can do. It really comes down to not being a jerk. You don't have to pitch in money, go to school, or head to a protest. The least you can do is be considerate.


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