People afraid of being triggered have been posting the meme "I say we close the media down for 30 days and watch 80% of the world's problems go away".

First up, knuckledraggers, have you ever heard of the First Amendment? I know this is tough for you to figure out, but it's the one before the second amendment. The framers of our constitution thought it was SO important they made it FIRST.  That's the crazy thing is the very people that think "the media" is somehow hurting their freedom want to take away their first freedom.

Let's look at this as if it could be done (by suspending the constitution). First, what is "the media"? Are you referring to news media, print, broadcast outlets, social media, radio stations that play music or talk or what?  As dangerous as it is, I can try to venture inside the excrement filled skulls of those who say these things. My guess is, they don't want news media like the evening news, newspapers and digital news outlets.

So what happens if you "close down the news media". Well, first and foremost those people who've been afraid to get away with pulling some crap can do it with little to no repercussions. By that I mean politicians giving themselves raises, or even instituting other restrictions on your freedoms since you were so willing to give up the free press.

Let's get into smaller things too. How are you going to know what the weather is going to be or if a tornado is coming? How are you going to know if there is going to be a milk shortage or if your favorite restaurant had bugs in the food? How are you going to know if there is a fire headed your way or whether Tulia has declared war on Tahoka? I could literally put up examples ALL DAY.

Here's a better meme, "I say that we kick low I.Q. people off social media for 30 days and watch 99% of the world's problems go away".

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