You're going to have to follow me down a road here.

I began writing a post on 34th Street and it kind of jumped off from there. Let's do start with 34th Street, though. 34th Street actually looks a little better than it has, but its appearance does seem to ebb and flow. I was thinking, "what kind of transformative business is needed here to keep the place on the up and up?" My thoughts were a movie theater, maybe a nice-sized Buffalo Wild Wings or even a second location of Amigos.

So does anybody recognize what's wrong with my plan? The problem is few, if any, of the plots of land on 34th Street are deep enough for a business that size. You have to have room for a large building. Even if you could make it wider, where would the parking lot be?

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As I mentioned, this problem continues in other areas of Lubbock and is the case with a lot of 50th Street. 50th Street doesn't have this problem near as bad because many big businesses established big plots that house Home Depot, Sutherlands and even deep and wide strip malls.

Entire shopping centers would have to be wiped out to make room for a large transformative business or two on 34th Street and I don't think that will ever happen. The question is, should we even care?

Right now a lot of good folks are holding 34th Street down and hopefully they can keep it nice and a destination for shopping for now and the future.

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