The Real Five is usually pretty easy to come up with. When it's comedy, it's a bit tougher. Usually, it's the top five most played songs from an artist. With comedian Rodney Carrington, there are dozens of clips for most bits, so I had to do my best to add them up.

So, don't get hung up on the hits on an individual video; that's just part of the hits for that bit. In one case, I chose a clearer version of a bit over the original that displayed a bigger hit count. So, here's what we have for Rodney Carrington's top 5.

1. Dear Penis. This is one of the tracks that introduced Rodney to Lubbock. Before he every came to town, before he was on any national shows, we edited our own versions and played him on the Jaqui & Wes morning show.

2. Show Them To Me Aw, false sincerity works so well. Only Rodney would claim that we might achieve world piece if ladies showed their chests.

3. Going Home With Fat Girl This was a bit of a surprise to me, but this one has a TON of hits. It's a bit of straight up comedy from Rodney's "Live At The Majestic" show.

4. Dancing With A Man It's back to the early days of "Hanging with Rodney" for this track. This is another fully produced music video with a special guest appearance.

5. T*tties & Beer This one dates way back in Rodney's repertoire, but the best version is once again from his "Live At The Majestic" show from Dallas.

*Bonus* I put the entire "Live At The Majestic" show at the end of this playlist so you can get ready for the show here in Lubbock this Saturday night (January 24). You can get tickets here.

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