People will bitch about anything these days, even one of the largest humanitarian organizations ever.

Hurricane Harvey-Red Cross

Like any large organization, the Red Cross has had a bad day or even disaster or two. Then there are the tens of thousands of times they've done everything right and no one seems to want to talk about those.  First off, everybody wants to point out to one article about the Red Cross's efforts in Haiti. They love to say that "they raised millions but only bought six houses". Well, did it ever occur to you that they did other things than buy houses? They supported hundreds of projects, but that was kind of left out of the article.

Here are two key points. Go to and check out the Red Cross's rating and administrative costs for yourself. If you're lazy, I'll tell you that the Red Cross's current score is an 83 (that's a strong B)  and their administrative costs are 3.8 (much lower than many charities).  Next, The Red Cross is first on the ground, every time. This means you can count on them and that sometimes they are getting in there to help before a situation is completely assessed.

This isn't the time for your self-righteous charity hating. If you want to do something different or promote something different, that's more than okay, but we don't need this negative crap right now (plus I'm betting that most of the people who says "don't donate" haven't done squat at all).

The Red Cross isn't perfect, but they are the best at being first and that's what we need right now.

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