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Well, here I go again on my own, but with somebody.

When I was asked to return to Lubbock from Spokane, Washington via Austin, Texas, I had no intention of doing mornings. Zero. I was told I could pick my place on the radio station as long as I ran the property. It was pretty obvious to me that we needed help in the morning.

The fellow who had the job at the time was an incredibly hard worker, but he came up with these comedy pieces that just did not translate. We could all tell he was putting in the time, but it just wasn't working. I tried to get something going, but he was so hesitant to do anything other than what he wanted that I don't even remember his name, because I didn't get to know him.

Instead, I took over as host for the morning show. I never wanted to be the host. I just don't care for that type of attention. Fortunately, we moved new part-timer Jacqui Neal in and she took filled most of that void.

Jacqui and I rocked it for many years and when she was ready to move on, we put Bob & Tom on. FMX listeners did not care for that show and it stayed on the air for way too long. That show is good for a couple of years. After that, you've heard it all three or four times.

So Heathen and I pitched the idea of The RockShow to management and they let us do that. We murdered everyone and had a great run. Heathen then bailed for The Sunshine State and we brought in Kelly Plasker, who helped the show get back to number one instantly. We had just been crowned number one again when we lost Kelly.

So here we go with the RockShow 3.0. My new co-host is comedian/chef/musician Chrissy Covington. Chrissy is actually from these parts, but had been working a seasonal job at a Danish Language Village (you basically move in and everybody and everything is in that language until you learn it).

Chrissy was hired for her sharp wit and the fact that she's an all-new person bringing all-new things to the table. We didn't want a different version of our Kelly, because ultimately that would be too painful and disappointing.

The interesting thing about having a new morning partner is it will even change the way I do some things. This ol' dawg has no problem with that either. I'm sure Chrissy and I will find that special place where our senses of humor merge and we are able to give you a good time in the mornings.

Give us a little bit to get our traction. We are rebuilding. We're keeping a few features (there's NO WAY I would give up Dumbass of the Day) and others may or may not fall by the wayside. I hope you enjoy the show and keep rockin' with FMX.

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