I guess I started this out as a Doctor Suess rhyme, didn't I?

Oh, praise ye rugged individuals who don't follow the pack! You are lone wolves, you are bold and unafraid, and....who are we kidding here? These people are the worst because the minute they utter their favorite insult, they are already hypocrites.

Yes, we are talking about the people who love to call other people "sheeple". Let's go ahead and get a definition of sheeple though:

"people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced people likened to sheep"-Merriam-Webster

These people who are calling others out for being easily influenced are doing this because they are part of a large, easily influenced group who always stick together on the same issues, use the same talking points, watch the same news channel, visit the same websites and use the same language as each other. That kind of sounds like a group of sheep to me.

Just like the term "snowflake" these folks are seeing their name-calling backfire on them. Remember that ol' saying, "when you point a finger at someone, three more point back at you"?

Now, I don't expect them to be smart enough to figure out their hypocrisy, so I choose to just make fun of their name-calling so I just memed up a response to have fun with their proclivity to talk about sheep. You are welcome to copy and paste it as needed.

Nessmania/Img Flp
Nessmania/Img Flp

My message to most of you is don't give these people oxygen. Keep your head down and do what's right for you. I sure would like to see us all together at a big show sometime in the near future. The REAL wolves are the ones who survive.

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