Last week I broke it down into four categories, this week it's your chance to select a winner.

The original poll is still active, but as of 11:00 a.m. on 12/10, here are your results.

Taking the 60's/70's category it was AC/DC edging out second-place Led Zeppelin

Taking the 80's category, Metallica ruled

Taking the 90's category it was a big win for Tool

and most surprising, beating all competitors in the 2000-now category it was Shinedown.

Now keep in mind that all of these categories had multiple choices so it's possible votes were split, feelings were hurt and trolls threw sh@t everywhere. That's where we're at though with this little poll. Vote for your one favorite out of the four winners, with the winner scoring the title of "Super Poll Of Rock And Roll Champion".


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