Sports fans are weird. They tend to travel in packs of different sizes. Some truly love the sport, others have family or friends involved.

I could see myself becoming a huge volleyball fan. There's TONS of drama on the court. There are leaps and dives and slams and botched serves and so much more. I actually was in a volleyball league at one time and trust me, the players take it just as seriously as the ones on the football field.

This brings to mind the question, "how big IS the fanbase for volleyball". I don't have any answers, but I'm sure you'd be appreciated it if Tech Women's Volleyball is the sport you chose to follow. Why not go against the grain of the big money sports, when you can get all the action and all the drama watching volleyball?

The Tech team just opened the season 2-0 after whuppin' that rear at the Irish Invitational, beating both Milwaukee and their hosts, Notre Dame.  They also won their exhibition against North Texas, but apparently, that isn't counted. Stiil, there are 13 home matches/games left to go and plenty of fun left to be had.

The team comes back home to Lubbock this Tuesday against Tarleton State at 6 p.m. over at the United Supermarkets Arena. Admission is $5. Think about that, you can have an exciting night out in an air-conditioned arena for $5. It seems to me that becoming a fan of volleyball could be one of the cheapest and best ways to support Texas Tech athletics.  If nothing else, give 'em a follow on Facebook and spread the word.

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