So there's a TikTok video of Shia LeBeouf getting the COVID-19 nasal swab test, but did you notice the little detail I noticed?

Apparently, people are impressed by how normal and nice Shia LeBeouf is when getting tested for the novel coronavirus. I personally don't understand why anyone thinks it's special when a celebrity is nice. The fact is, most celebrities are nice. There are only a few celebrities that are total jerks out there, and a few others that are just caught on film having a bad day.

Now, let's get to it. Yes, he's very nice to the healthcare workers in the video, but do you see what inspired me to write this up? That's right for you more astute viewers, you'll notice that Shia is wearing a Pantera face mask. To me, it's that Pantera mask, and not his sweetness, that makes him a totally approachable guy.

I don't know if Shia has or had an actual history with the members of Pantera, but it's cool when you see someone who is a bit famous who is into the same things as you. I like the fact that this guy gets his Dimebag on from time to time. (Hopefully, he didn't just borrow the mask and actually sat down and made a conscious choice to get a Pantera-branded mask).

So Shia, maybe you could download the FMX app and rock with us once in a while?

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