It's crazy that you can't announce a concert without some type of backlash.

Most of the "backlash" we get is good-humored, but some of it is ridiculous and uncalled for. If you wanted to see some hillbilly act and you got a chance, I'd be happy for you. This brings me to one rule that was not listed and that is, the claim that "no good bands ever come here". Sorry, you're not down with what's on the menu, but the rest of us are eatin'!

One more item, for the 1,000,000th  time; for the most part, radio stations don't bring bands to town (and FMX certainly doesn't), promoters bring bands to town, and radio stations assist with letting people know a show is happening. We sometimes get a say on who's coming, but it's more like a stamp of approval more than anything else.

So get our Bingo card and see how many of these ridiculous "rules" you've seen in action on our social media.

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