Were you aware that the City Of Lubbock had this tool?

The City Of Lubbock has a "Crime Map". Instead of little pinpoints, you get graphics of where you are most likely to get assaulted, have your car broken into, be robbed, and so on.

I thought I'd be a smart guy and figure out the worse places for these crimes so I could tell you things like "avoid the area around "x" and "y" if you don't want your car stolen. The problem is, that the map just looks bad for everything all over. Here's a peek:

City Of Lubbock
City Of Lubbock

Next to the "bad all over" observation is something that people should really take note of. Historically Lubbock has always viewed North Lubbock as more dangerous, but that doesn't seem to be the case (or the cops aren't responding to calls there). It appears that the real division between "more crime" and "less crime" is actually west/east. One would think, at least according to reported crimes, that the east is much, much safer than the west.

There was one other teeny observation I was able to make and that's most reported arson actually happens in the center of town.

This map could've/should've been a useful tool in helping folks decide where to live, but even close up it will probably just make you paranoid about your street. If you'd like to have a look at what's happened in your neighborhood, you can pull up the map here. As I said, it could be a good thing, but right now it just looks like a kid went crazy with a bunch of stickers. Unfortunately, all of those "stickers" are crimes.

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