This is based on something that came up in one of my videos.

When I say there are more us than them, I'm not talking about political parties, I'm talking about good, decent people.  I guess I'm reaching calling myself good and decent, but I'm talking about someone who at least attempts to make the world a better place and/or doesn't shit on the efforts of other people to do the same.

The vitriol and hate shown the Texas Tech football team in regards to their recent protest day off was embarrassing, but not unexpected, for Lubbock. Once again, it was not unexpected. There are hateful folks who are just looking for an opportunity to strike out for some reason.

In order to have some hope, you have to do some math.  Let's say a controversial topic online gets 300 comments. If you dig through those comments you'll find about 2/3 haters and if if you look closely, most of those haters are people who posted several times. When you boil all this down, you're looking at maybe 75 jerks.

Let's take this a step further. I have found that these 75 jerks go from page to page to page to spread their hate. I can name some of them by name (because we frequently ban them, let them back on and end up banning them again).

I can go one better too. I have also found that a lot of the haters don't even live here. It's true, many are Lubbock ex-patriots who no longer live here and that's why they feel safe to be so hateful to people in our community.

So, please keep this in mind when you see this ugliness in our community. It's a very small group of people and rarely your neighbors. Yes, some of the bad eggs are part of your community or your church, but the really hateful ones are a tiny sliver of the population.

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