I wish I could have thought of a better title for this blog, but I appreciate you fans bearing with me until I get to the point.

Patriotic Baby

You older folks will recognize the title of this blog as the lyrics to the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth". That song has long been taken as an anti-war anthem, but to me it's also a call to join together and that's my point.

It's becoming apparent to me that no matter what side of the political fence you are on, there is a call for us to start taking care of each other. As my friend says, the "left wing and the right wing are on the same bird" and both sides are realizing that it's up to them, and not the government to improve the quality of their lives.

You know where I'm getting this more than anywhere else? Commercials. Just notice the tone. Corporate America is stepping in. Who can blame them? You can't make money when everybody is fighting. So, even if their ultimate goal is to sell you something, they're stepping up and I think that's awesome.

Let's take these lessons forward, no matter where they come from. We've already been as far apart as we can be, it's time to come back together.

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