I dropped into Halloween City in the old Toys 'R Us location this past Sunday and found out some very good news.

The first thing I noticed was how full the store was with Halloween stuff!  Good job guys!  I also noticed that one section had regular toys. It gets even better though.  I asked the clerk how long they were going to be open (with hopes of picking up some last minute Halloween bargains) and she told me "at least thought Black Friday because we're going to be selling toys".

Well, this is your chance to put the spirit of Geoffrey The Giraffe back into the Toys 'R Us building. I like the way everything is done. It's all a bit more warehouse-y, cleaner and easier to see. I'm sure they'll be focused on the most popular stuff, but it still gives you and the kids a chance to get in there, hands-on, and check stuff out. Remember, she only said "at least through Black Friday" so you may have to do a little early shopping to take advantage of the store.

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