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I am never going to run for mayor of Lubbock. I just don't have that amount of rear-kissing in me. I just thought that was a better title than "here's my city of Lubbock wish list."

My ideas might be a little too progressive for the Hub City. Of course, I'd work on the mundane things that need to be done (streets, police, etc.), but I'd like to see Lubbock become a city on the move. I'd like to see the quality of life improve for everyone, not just the people who have the cash to pony up for entertainment and events. I would hope to do things that are transformative and not just pay the bills and kick the can down the road.

Before you get to the 'but how are we going to pay for it? line, go soak your head. The City of Lubbock has plenty of money; it's just spending it efficiently that seems to be the problem.

  • Spearhead an effort to "Light Up the Depot District." Put in new cost-efficient LED Lighting, add more police patrols and work to locate some anchor businesses there. (Wouldn't a movie theater be killer?)
  • Work with TxDOT to develop thematic elements to blend into projects, as opposed to plain brick stuff.
  • Loosen sign restrictions in the case of hi-tech, attractive signs.
  • Update public parks with splash pads, running tracks, skate areas and dog runs.
  • Work to display more public art. The animals we have now are cool, but very sparsely placed around the Hub City.
  • Find ways, both natural, and, if needed, mechanical, to filter and improve the quality and look of our playa lakes.
  • Offer tax incentives to businesses who will locate and revitalize within The Loop.
  • Develop safe driver campaigns and work with engineers on safer streets.
  • Establish much stronger panhandling and street vending laws.
  • Put together stronger programs to make Lubbock a town with a zero increase each year in the pet population.
  • Work on positive, strong branding to market Lubbock to business and tourist interests.
  • Establish a task force focused on low to no-cost activities for families.
  • And the granddaddy of them all? Lubbock needs a 15,000+ capacity, multipurpose arena/events center. Not a basketball facility, but a facility that can compete with others in cities like Austin, El Paso, or even Dallas and Houston. That number of seats would mean that virtually no event would be out of our reach. I will say that I am truly honored that United Supermarkets Arena has allowed us to attend some fantastic events, but it's too small to make us competitive.

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