Are you ready to make your Halloween really epic?

Prepare Yourself For The Great Halloween Thing To Happen Ever

So on Halloween night, you have all kinds of stuff to worry about. You probably have to take the kids trick-or-treating, maybe pass out treats yourself, then at some point you're probably going to want to be in costume, you may have to track down a scary movie, and so on, and so on. Notice what I didn't mention in there? Uh, that would be dinner.

Now let me say that this is not an ad, even though it may read like one. This is something I personally have rocked and am most likely to rock again. It is the alpha and omega of on-the-go Halloween foods, and yes, I have bought them by the dozens.

Yes, if you haven't guessed yet, the fifty-cent corn dog day/night at Sonic is happening again. If you're a normal person, you're probably good for a couple by yourself, if you're a savage like me, you'll put down a half-dozen and wish you would have stopped at three or four.

I have visited on Fifty Cent Corn Dog Day and actually been the guy who's ordered the least. Some people by dozens and dozens at a time and take care of their entire workplace (or something).  Whether you're going to be a glutton or just need some dinner on the go, the price is right on these battered beauties.

We've checked and the deal is 100% on at Lubbock area Sonic Drive-Ins.

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