It's a little stressful, and some would say dangerous, out there.

As I mentioned before, scientists have estimated that we may be nearing the halfway point of this pandemic. Now, it's entirely possible that we jump ahead a bit or fall back a bit because that's how science works-we adjust our findings based on the most current research (I don't want to get too off track, but that's why some with lower cognitive ability don't trust it).

There is still going to be some pain ahead. There is OBVIOUSLY going to be many more infections and many more deaths. Lubbock itself has reached over 5,600 diagnosed cases and that is a whopper of a number.

On the other side, many of us have learned to live surrounded by this disease. We've figured out what we can do, like pick up food and what we can't do, like rubbing our eyes.

Despite all of this and even protests across the country, just keep in mind that this is just a small blip in time and a moment of your life that will come and go like a hurricane.  Many of you have had a broken limb or a bag tooth or even a family member with cancer and you had nearly a hard year to overcome those situations and get better. Some of you are living with other conditions right now. Wearing a mask, washing, and keeping away from people should be a walk in the park for you. You're almost halfway there. Just focus on safe activities and we'll see you on the other side of this thing.

Made in Lubbock: Kristen Mitchell’s Awesome Rocker Prints

Made in Lubbock: Kristen Mitchell's Awesome Rocker Prints

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