Hold on here second, giant worms?

I grew up with movies that featured radioactive worms and insects blown up to monster proportions. For some reason, these giant creatures loved to bite people's heads off, crush buildings and create havoc. If the human race was lucky, the military would show up to bring the monster down, but usually, they just made them madder until some other way was found to crush the creature.

My experience with horror/sci-fi movies no doubt shaped my reaction to a story covered by Everything Lubbock about a new invasive worm. They do a fine job of covering this as a news story when all I can focus on is "15 inches long" and "poisonous".  Wait a minute, a worm longer than a chihuahua that's poisonous? I am actually stunned by the lack of hyperbole in the article.

Sure these worms can't bring down a house but they can give you an ouchie. I'm also thinking that the military may not take the time to come out and shoot one that you found in your backyard. I'm also getting a real vibe about the movie "Tremors" here. Do I have to stand on a rock and call for help? Do I need to practice my worm shooting skills (They're probably slender and hard to hit).

In other words, why is everyone not crazy-wild in the streets yelling, "The killer worms are here, run for your lives!". I find the lack of frightened people, frightening. The worms have only been spotted in the Metroplex so far, but trust me, they're coming. All of this is just too terrible to imagine (and no, I don't know if you can use them for fishing).

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